Ruled by lions and tigers, manipulated by monkeys and pigs we are under the Republic of Anomalies and Animals!

PRIMARY ENIGMA. Politically, the 7107 islands of this country are concealed with turmoil and divergence. We find ourselves chaotic and left with nothing but Problems. Our compatriot’s claim that it is in the system where the conundrum emancipates! It is dubitable because we have changed the system since the time of our ancestors. The actuality of dilemma hinge on the individuals who influences and controls the bureaucracy! We question their credibility, integrity, and sincerity of giving service but this is not enough. Questions are left either answered or unanswered. We should be adamant and assimilate the utmost of
public service which is the individuals POLITICAL WILL!

WORTH OF ORIGIN. Filipinos created the strong sense of political will and it is only us Filipinos who has the word political will in our vocabulary but sardonically we created this concept that we ourselves don’t apply. We should commiserate ourselves for letting the concept of our own cease to exist. We have been rubbish with our words for we relinquish what we created and things that we value. Culture, identity, nationality, and sovereignty are some of the indispensable assets that we simply liberate and unchain. Political will stands for and in the side of the masses. It favors every weak sector of the society it is the voice of the masses. Now, have we proved our worth to the things that commenced from our own society?

!POLITICS AT STAKE. In every three years we go under the practice of our right to suffrage and during this season we are made at ease with the flowery promises of every candidate. We have seen and heard every voice of the politicians in our localities and national level. Diverse manifestos and ideas for one nation and one race were publicized but all of it diminished. We have hoped for the country to be unbounded from violence, corruption, and promise for a virtually perfect nation! If truth be told that they have the will why is it that the picture of violence enters in the scenery through extra judicial killings, war in Mindanao: terrorist acts of
Abu Sayaff? If at least one among the 250+ congressman and 1 among the 24 members of the Philippine Senate stand and say that “this what we ought to be and this we should follow” we’ll not only hope for the countries progress but live through advancement. If only the countries President have the political will to fight and pursue every resentments and grievances that the Filipinos have, we could conquer a better nation. It is too ideal to continually hope for a nation having leaders both from the Senate and House of Representatives who could stand and show strength with the struggle of the masses for a righteous and equal treatment, for a peaceful and humane society. It is much more ideal to hope for another person to say that “the Filipinos are worth dying for- Ninoy Aquino.” Politics and governance is not for public service nor it is not
equated and filled by a principled man having the will but is more of a business oriented institution. It leads to danger and grief for every failure!

REPERCUSSION OF FLAWS. Who is to be blamed? Yes, we are all victims of such acts but we are also to be liable for it all started in us! The hardest part is that we choose among evil but we choose the lesser evil among them. It is arduous for we have been beaten both by the system and manipulators of the system. We will continuously lament on the loss of the politician’s political will. The extreme misunderstanding that we have is that we to have loss our own wants and our own principle as members of this nation! We too failed ourselves,
our country and the following generations. If we continuously mind set that we will go through this scenario then we will certainly be victims until the end. If we don’t act now as what and who we are in this country, then we will unceasingly experience the consequences of losing the concept that we created.

LOSS AND REGAIN. We have loss our political will that causes us to be under a Republic of anomalies manipulated by animals. We will unremittingly experience the violence and dismantled nation we are in now. We should also consider that we only loss but it isn’t the POLITICAL WILL it wouldn’t be too late for us to stand and be heard. Let us make a move and be perceived for we too have the powers as a part of the nation’s element.

Let us gather the monkeys and lions of the government, stop from lamenting and let our voices be perceived!

*note this articles was for my re-appointment as the managing editor of hotspring year 2007*


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