Philippines has been divided into two categories of Filipinos (a) reactionary, (b) conservatives. In the 8th State of the Nation Address of the President of the country, we have visibly seen the two types of Filipinos. Reactionary for those who are along the streets and conservatives to those who are inside the congress clapping their hands and believing on a speech composed of purely LIES!

Inserted here is an article which I have posted last July 28, 2008 at 12:13am while the country was under the destructive typhoon IGME.

In our present situation, it seems it is better to become apathetic in all political manners most specially in our governmental and political system of the country and every political parties. Even students who are restricted in the four walls of an institution training and educating them to learn dynamic change have also learned the other way which is being politically apathetic.


At this moment, It may seem that we are more interested to wait for the latest weather forecast of PAGASA(which is more often than not inaccurate) rather than to listen and react with the lies roaring inside Batasang Pambansa.

DEAF AND BLIND(reading beyond the lines)

Majority of the Filipino people have remained deaf and blind. However, with the current situation there are less individual who opts to help the blind and deaf to learn how to see and speak in their own creative ways instead they to join the group of the disabled countrymen most probably because they have discounts on every facilities or transportation (an amazing
short term solution from the President).


More and more Filipinos also opt to have arguments inside the market (often time “agawan ng suki”) rather than joining the crowd with the real state of the nation address by the masses along the streets. However, it is at times true that the bigger noise a crowd create in the streets there would be lesser listeners. Ironically, if two vendors in the market argue and
fight they would draw a crowd within a snap. The rallies along the streets of Metro Manila having a full coverage in all broadsheets and TV would have lesser viewers and reader/listeners as compared to the non-covered event in the market. It is for a fact that the country is more interested in petty fights rather than a more serious matter such as a SONA sweetened with full LIES.

CABAL (an online game) vs. COUP

I wonder if there are members from the military who are playing CABAL (im quite sure, there are some) and they might even be more interested to play this game and defend themselves on the game rather than to actualize their functions and duties as members and protectors of the state and not of the government(only). It is their obligation to serve and protect the Filipinos- I wonder why there are casualties in every demonstration or rallies in Manila.

Let’s not watch and relax in our comfort zones…Every week all the commodities are increasing with its prices. Let’s not wait that the death rate of the country would increase due to hunger or the worst scenario would be the need to pay for the air that we are freely inhaling right now. Wouldn’t you be shocked if one day someone approaches you and . . . "ui,
bayad mo suminghot ka ng benta kong hangin eh"

The 4,609 words; 28,331 characters; 118 pragraphs, 505 lines, and 12 pages long discourse of the President was deafeningly delivered in the house of congress however it was inarticulately
perceived an interpreted by the majority of the Filipino citizens. A flowery sweetened articles through short term projects and programs of the president were presented however it can be recapitulated in a short 4 letter single word “LIES”.

Gloria said "I care for our OFWs…who send home their pay ..". Gloria for cares for the $20 billion that OFWs send home yearly because this money keeps the Philippines afloat. But care for OFWs? Does she really care? What kind of a President will drive its most skilled workers away while Western countries try to keep theirs with incentives? Now, because she exported our doctors and nurses like they were commodities, there are now fewer healthcare workers left to care for our sick. How does she treat new OFWs? She hits them with fees and departure taxes before they leave for abroad. Is that caring?

This year’s SONA was just a “make believe” speech… In PGMA’s Speech, she didn’t stated to the totality of the Filipino people the reality that the country is facing . Having numerous set of problems in the country it is quite absurd that the countries Economics Graduate President have opted to set the value of text messaging at a lower cost rather than discussing how to ease the Filipinos burden in a long term solution rather than all her alternative short term solutions.

“I care for hardworking students, soon to graduate and wanting to see hope of a good job and a career prospect here at home.” At this statement, how genuine was she when she stated this? Where are the nursing graduates going? What are the Political Science graduates going- Call center agents. Where does the engineering graduates go-Saudi. Almost 3 million Filipinos are unemployed, 7 million are underemployed, inflation is a record in 14 years at 11.4 percent. Is this how she care for the hardworking students of the country? Indeed she is really (sarcastically)
consistent with her words and programs.

The State of the Nation address are platforms, platforms which are hardly believable-again a make believe discourse if I am to coin. The question is, why are the masses ungrateful of the countries president? It is primarily because of the promises which she has presented but never been achieved. If only the countries lower class members would join force, surely the regime of arroyo which has been running for 7 years now- will end. The solution of all the dilemmas that we are facing now is to straighten the society which roots from our blood. . .a society which is filled with perspiration that only the masses experiences and feels. It is not realistic to claim “ramdam ko ang pag-unlad” because in a general view of the country specifically that of the masses, it is not felt and it doesn’t even hit a single strand of their hair. One thing that would surely make it light for us, the ouster of a President who pushes for GLOBALIZATION-the ouster of PGMA. We must have a better understanding regarding the presence of foreigners in the country who makes everything hard for us Filipinos! And the presence of multi-international and trans-international companies who dominates and abuses our poverty! 7 years is enough and two more years is too much!


*note that this article was a reaction paper to Arroyo's 2nd to the last SONA submitted for Atty. Lawana's Class*


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