The entry of the year OX marks the 33rd anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between People’s Republic of China and The Republic of the Philippines. The celebration of this astonishing event for the two neighboring countries is the primary reason of the officials of the two countries to acclaim the mutually beneficial diplomatic relationship in terms of its fruitful cooperation in political, economic, cultural aspects considering their similarities as Asian Nations. The 33 years of diplomatic relationship between the two countries also commemorates its fast progress with remarkable achievements in the economy of the two countries. As of this moment there are more or less two million Filipino-Chinese Individuals who resides in our Archipelago which urges the Chinese government strengthen it tie with our country regardless of Chinese Governments (hidden) agenda over the country and the Philippine Government.

There maybe thousands of Filipinos, Chinese and Filipino-Chinese nationals wondering if the existing strong diplomatic ties between China and Philippines will last forever? There is a possibility that the diplomatic relationship between the two countries will last longer (but not necessarily forever). Philippines and China are just few miles away from each other and separated with only a strip of body of water. The short distance of the two countries is not a hindrance for constant exchange of visits of high-level leaders and mechanisms of dialogues and cooperation at different levels between the two governments. There is a rapid development of economy and trade cooperation with the two countries because of the constant negotiations of the two government (development may not be visible in our Country but in China, it do exist).

It is known that People’s Republic of China is from East Asia; however, it has been consistently strengthening its ties with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). China and ASEAN established a dialogue partnership 15 years ago which have expanded from involving only economic and trade relations to including regional political security and development. At The year 2006, Philippines was acting as the chair of the ASEAN. Philippines during that time initiated a move for ASEAN to have a dialogue with East Asian Summit. China playing an important role in the East Asian Summit with this scenario, the good relationship between China and ASEAN will play an important role. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, in one of her statement claimed that China’s development is an opportunity for Southeast-Asian nations most especially in our country, the Philippines. She further added that China, has not only given us minimal support but economic stability through good global market and technological products via electronic. At this point the technological advancement in communications of our government enters, the controversial NBN-ZTE Deal.

At this moment if Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited (ZTE) is mentioned, the Peoples Republic of China instantly enters our mind. Often times Filipinos equate China with the Chinese firm ZTE (also considered as representative Of China). This involves the following political personalities former Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Benjamin Abalos, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This political scandal was then brought out in the public by the articles of columnist Jarius Bondoc. It was later followed by the testimonies of the Star witness Jun Lozada and the son of the former house speaker Jose “Joey” De Venecia III in the Philippine Senate. This laid several political bombs which have altered the movement of Philippine Politics in the year 2008. Moreover, it has established in the eyes of the Public that there is indeed a close relationship between influential political and economic tycoons of China with our countries top-level leaders. This political scandal showed explicitly to Asian countries that the Diplomatic relationship between the two countries has gone far beyond what we expect it has. Greater than what we know. What about Philippines relationship with the United States of America, today’s world hegemonic state?

United States of America is considering Philippines as its most important ally in the Asian Regional Bloc. It is primarily because of its strategic location centering the Asian countries. The US invested on our country in terms of several aspects. Tracing back our history they (US) have practiced its soft power over the country through its diplomatic practice via education. Up till now the American forces have never left their post in the country instead they have added their joint projects with the Philippine Government through the Visiting forces Agreement which has been effective since the 27th of May 1999. Another military joint venture of RP-US is the Balikatan exercises wherein US military forces were deployed to the southern Philippines and provided training, equipment, and intelligence information assistance to the AFP in their combat operations against the Abu Sayyaf Group. On the 18th of October 2003, Philippines marked this day as a historic event where an American President stepped into our land since the time of Dwight Eisenhower in the person of George W. Bush. This historic event exhibited and instigated a stronger diplomatic relationship between Philippines and United States of America. The American President’s visit in the country was a day of pomposity and arrogance which at the end left promises to the Filipino nation for a better quality of life among us. It has been five years since the American President visited our country and gave respect to our countries national hero. However, the promises where never seen, felt and tasted. At this point the country should not expect for a greater help from the world’s hegemonic state (at least at this moment) with the turnover of office by the 20th of this month. The United States of America is in its lowest point due to its economic turmoil which at the same time affects the global economy.

Our government’s current actions manifest that it favors China more than the United States of America. If we are to consider the constant visit of the first family in China just for the purpose of having leisure time via golf, we can in deed conclude that Philippine Government plays safe. The world at this point waits if we are to witness an alteration in the position of hegemonic states. China is one of the strongest contenders for the top-most position against the current holder of hegemone, US, which at this time is going through an economic turmoil. The latter tends to have greater weaknesses as days past without their problem being solved. However, with China’s fast economic progress it can have the chance to get US’s position as the world power.

Philippines relationship with the United States of America will be highly affected in downbeat manner. RP-China strong diplomatic relationship might cause for a possible cancellation of every joint project that the two countries have right now. US at all times ensures an intact loyalty within it’s allies and betrayal with American Forces in the country means forfeiture of all the benefits we get from the US government. It has always been the same cycle, process, and story – Philippines has always been an underdog of the US. History will repeat itself, remember the Subic Rape Case? We have been deprive of our own sovereignty and no wonder if time comes that China and US will battle against the thrown and Philippines has to decide – expect that Philippines will still be considering the benefits we get from VFA, etc. which at the end will lead to Philippine Governments decision to stay at the side of the lesser evil among the two competing HEGEMONIC STATE.

No matter how this issue ends, we, the Filipinos need to take a stand. It may be ideological to think and state that we still have a chance to make it if we refute the extensive decision and anomalies of our government most specially the Arroyo regime, it is in deed true! When time comes that our thoughts which remains at this point ideological becomes a part of the realities – We wont be deprived of our own freedom in our own country, we wont no longer care whether we favor China or US more but we will be favoring our own country then, we wont no longer worry where to send our Overseas Filipino workers whether in China or in America because at that time there will be no Pinoy OFW’s. It is free to have such wishful thinking perhaps it is really time to moderate their greed!(JLo. –Philippines)

*note that this articles was purposely written for Atty. Cheryl Daytec's Class*


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